Zubrin for Dogs

Zubrin is a medicine for dogs designed to deal with canine arthritis. It's a tablet that is based on a drug called Tepoxalin, which is an NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug). It's made by Schering-Plough, and it is designed to reduce inflammation around the joints, which is the cause of the pain to the dog. It comes in little tables that dissolve in the dog's saliva. That makes it pretty easy to give to them - basically what you do is put it in the dog's mouth and then hold it shut for 5-10 seconds so the dog can't spit it out. By then the pill will have dissolved and been swallowed. You have to give it to the dog near feeding time.

Why do I still have fleas?It doesn't work in all dogs, but in many there is a dramatic improvement in a few days. However, the dog has to keep taking it or the improvement will go away.


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Are there any side effects to Zubrin?

They are pretty rare, but they happen in some dogs. You need to watch out for general digestive problems - stuff like vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of appetite are more common but not that serious. However, there have been instances of more serious stuff like stomach ulcers, which can give the same symptoms, and also bleeding in the intestines. It can also cause problems with the liver or kidneys. You should be on guard for any of these, just in case, and you should make sure your vet knows about any other drugs the dog is taking or any medical history - some dogs shouldn't take it if they've had problems in the past.

You can get Zubrin online here:

Zubrin 100mg (100 tablets)

Zubrin 100mg (100 tablets)

The only canine NSAID to block both arms of the arachiodonic acid cascade--COX & LOX Veterinarians rated 95% of dogs, and owners rated 94% of dogs, improved/vastly improved in a 7-day controlled study Well tolerated in long -term, 1-year safety studies--no evidence of renal toxicity or hepatotoxicity ZUBRIN Rapidly-disintegrating Tablets enhance administration and compliance A prescription is required for this product. Click here for details We recommend Joint MAX with Zubrin.

Zubrin 200mg (100 tablets)

Zubrin 50mg (100 tablets)


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