Is Tapazole a good thyroid treatment for cats?

Tapazole for cats is one option for treatment of feline thyroid problems. Tapazole is a drug that was made for people, but it can work pretty well in cats as a treatment. However, it does not actually cure the underlying thyroid problems. It stops the feline thyroid gland from producing the hormones that are causing the problems, and thus can eliminate most of the symptoms. However, in many cases, if the problems are caused by a tumor it will keep growing despite the use of the drug.


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Are there any side effects to Tapazole in cats?

Tapazole for felines can cause some undesirable problems. Your cat could experience vomiting, liver problems, allergic reactions that cause skin issues, or anemia. You will need to talk to your vet and weigh the benefits and the costs of using it versus the other options, which are usually surgery to remove the thyroid (which can have its own side effects and requires medication to supplement hormones) or radioactive iodine treatment (which can initially be more expensive, but usually has less risks).

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