Can I put human sunscreen on my dog?

That's not a good idea. In this case, the cure may be worse than the disease. Human sunscreen can be too abrasive for the dog's skin. It also often is made so that you can't eat it - if you think about it, people aren't going to start licking themselves, so the manufacturers put in stuff like zinc and salicylate that are not good for you if ingested. A dog will go at the stuff with its tongue and paws. So you need something that is safe if your dog decides it doesn't want any on it. You can get pet sunscreen here.


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Why would I even want to use sunscreen on my dog?

Because dogs in general can get sunburned on their nose or ears where the skin is exposed and there is no fur. And dogs with white fur are at risk of skin cancer over time because white as a color reflects light, causing their nose to get extra UV rays.

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