Should you spay your cat?

Spaying is generally done through a cut on the cat's stomach, and it requires anesthesia. There is some risk in that, and you should be aware of it and talk to your vet about it. Some people have had their cats die under anesthesia. There are other risks to think about, however. Cats that are not spayed are at a greater risk of cancer later in life and are subject to infections of the uterus. They also have a risk of dying if they get pregnant. On balance, the risk is easily lower with spaying the cat. But you should know there's a risk there and see if your vet can do anything to minimize it. It's also generally a hassle to deal with unspayed cats. They will go into heat for long periods, and will try desperately to escape the house. They will meow constantly and attract male cats to hang around outside the house. Usually cats are spayed around 4 months. 


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