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Pet Guard is a gel product that works as an insect repellant for pets. It's made for cats, dogs, and horses. It works on a number of different kinds of bugs - flies, gnats, and mosquitoes are the main ones, but to some extent it works on fleas and ticks as well. If you're taking your pet outside on a camping trip, hike, or just to hang out, you can keep the pests of your pet. That will make life more comfortable for the pet, but also for you - because if mosquitoes or flies have a target, they're going to hang around where you are, too.


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Pet-Guard is a gel that you rub into your pet's fur. Your pet has to be 12 weeks old, and you have to keep the gel out of its eyes. My guess is this is really more of a dog product than a cat one - it's safe for them, but what self-respecting cat is going to stand for someone mussing a bunch of gel into their fur? At any rate, it's a good way to keep the bugs from having a nearby target when you're outside.

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Pet-Guard Gel (4 oz)

Pet-Guard Gel (4 oz)

Pet Guard Gel is a combination insecticide-repellent especially designed to protect dogs and cats from flies, mosquitoes and gnats. May be applied to the entire haircoat. Especially useful on the ears. Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins0.10%Piperonyl Butoxide Technical*1.00%N-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide0.50%Butoxypolypropylene Glycol10.00%INERT INGREDIENTS88.40%TOTAL100.00% *Equivalent to 0.80% (Butylcarbityl) (6-propylpiperonly) ether and 0.20% related compounds. Application: Pet-Guard Gel is an insecticide gel that contains an insect repellent and sunscreen. To apply, simply lift nozzle cap and apply squeezing pressure to bottle for easy flow of product onto palm of hand or desired area, then rub into coat. Pet-Guard Gel imparts a high gloss to the coat when rubbed in or brushed out leaving no other visible sign of treatment. It is especially adaptable for treating difficult areas, such as the face or ears and will not blister, remove or discolor hair. Avoid the pet's eyes during application.

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