How do I potty train my puppy using paper training?

Paper training is a specific way to train your puppy to use the toilet in the right place. You can learn about puppy potty training in general here. To paper train your puppy, confine it in a room that is covered in newspaper when you aren't at home. Always clean and replace the newspapers when your puppy uses the toilet. Over time, it will start to prefer a certain part of the room or place.

Once your puppy starts tending to use the restroom in a certain part of the room, you are ready to begin the training. Start removing newspaper from the floor, but only in parts of the room that are far away from the puppy's spot. Gradually reduce the area that is covered by newspaper - the puppy should be conditioned to use the potty only on newspapers, but if it misses, you have likely gone too quickly in removing the newspapers.


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Once you've gotten the area down to a smaller, more manageable amount of papering, begin to move them towards a desired spot. Move it a couple of inches each day. You can't go too fast, but you'll gradually be able to get the puppy to follow the papers until it uses the restroom only in a specific location.

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