Is my cat overweight?

Cats, like people, can have weight problems. It can cause all the same health issues that people are worried about as well - heart problems, joint issues such as arthritis, difficulty moving around, and decreased lifespan. If your cat has a weight problem, you want to know about it because it will dramatically improve their quality of life in old age if you can slim them down a bit.


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Things to think about:

Remember that male cats are going to be bigger than females, usually by 3-4 pounds. The other big factor is if you have a specific breed of cat. There can be some big differences in weight, so I recommend going to look up the average weight for your cat's breed before you do anything else. Petsmart has a good guide to cat breeds that has the weight listed for each one here. If you don't know your cat's breed or it's just a "mutt," then usually the average is 8-12 pounds. You should check the cat's sides to see if you can feel the ribs or not. There should be some fat there, but you should be able to feel the ribs through it. If you've got a kitten, then don't worry about it. Kittens are growing, and you should only be worrying about a weight problem once they're older and fully developed. 

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