Can I use neosporin on dogs?

Yes, you can use Neosporin on a dog. It's just a general disinfectant, and a dog isn't different enough from people for it to matter. There are pet-specific disinfectants that are probably better, but Neosporin will do in a pinch or for a minor wound.


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One thing, however, is that remember that your dog might lick at the wound. You aren't supposed to eat Neosporin, but your dog doesn't know that. So washing it off after a few minutes or just daubing it on are a good idea, unless you've got a bandage or something to keep the dog from getting at it.

If your dog has a serious wound, then you might want to get a pet-specific disinfectant. Look at Chlorhexiderm Flush, which is a good all-purpose wound cleaner made for pets. Also ask your vet when you take the dog in about what they would recommend - and you SHOULD take your dog in if it has any kind of serious wound. Neosporin just isn't going to cut it on bigger wounds.

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