Can I use neosporin on cats?

Yes, it is safe to use neosporin on a cat. It is just a disinfectant, and it won't do anything to hurt them because there's nothing about it that is specific to humans. If you're just treating a minor wound on the cat it can be a good thing to use, because you likely don't have a cat specific product laying around the house. You can read some good advice from a vet on treating minor scratches and other wounds in cats here.


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The one thing to think about, though, is that you might not want to leave it on. In a person, you can just glob it on there and stick a band-aid over it. A cat will lick at its wounds, so you might want to wash the Neosporin off after a few minutes, because you're not supposed to eat it.

If you've got a cat with a serious wound or one that you don't think is going to heal quickly, Neosporin may not be the best bet, however. There are disinfectants made specifically for pets. Take a look at Chlorhexiderm Flush, which is a good all-purpose wound cleaner made for pets. You should also ask your vet for any recommendations - if the cat has a serious wound, it needs to get looked at by a professional anyway, so just see if your vet has a preferred disinfectant to use based on their experience.

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