Malaseb for Dogs and Cats

Malaseb is a pretty well-respected skin product for pets that have bacterial or fungal skin infections. Dermatitis can be caused by a number of different things - some times it is an allergic reaction (see dermatitis caused by flea bites). Often, however, it is either caused or made worse by infection by bacteria, fungus, or yeast.


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Malaseb works well in those cases to kill off the microorganisms that are causing the dermatitis or making it worse. You should check with your vet to make sure that this is the likely cause, because if it is an allergic reaction then it's not really going to do anything to help you.

Are there any side effects?

You should watch for increased irritation of the skin, and stop using it if you see any. Also, keep it away from the pet's eyes. You can use it with both dogs and cats.

What are the different kinds of Malaseb products?

There are several different ways to apply it. They are:


These are little pads that you use to apply the product. They recommend that you use the pledgets in between bathing with the shampoo (so you don't have to constantly bathe your cat or dog, but you can still apply it to the most affected spots). You can get it online here.


This is a shampoo you bathe your pet in twice a week. It's probably the main way to apply Malaseb, because it will get into the skin pretty thoroughly. You can get it online here.


Basically the same stuff, but you apply it with a spray bottle instead. You can get it online here.

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