K9 Advantix

One of the flea medicines being produced by Bayer is K9 Advantix, a flea medication for dogs that also deals with ticks and mosquitoes. You may have seen the commercial they're running with the little dog singing about how bugs aren't on him any more. Some people have come here looking for those commercials - the lyrics are here and here. You can view the ads here. It is applied to the shoulder blades of the dog. You can use it on dogs as long as they are older than 7 weeks old, but you CAN'T use it on cats.

As far as effectiveness, there is a study suggesting that for ticks, it is substantially better than Frontline for killing them. Frontline's highest kill rate was 56% of the ticks, while Advantix ranged from 84% to 98.5%. That doesn't really tell us much about fleas, as Frontline only kills ticks as a secondary effect, but one of Advantix's big selling points is that it is good at getting rid of a broader range of insects and not just fleas.


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It relies on two chemicals, Imidacloprid and Permethrin, which paralyze the insects and cause them to lose muscle control. You have to apply it once a month. It still works after bathing and swimming. 


You buy Advantix based on your dog's weight. You can get it for dogs under 10 pounds here, 11-20 pounds here, 21-55 pound dogs here, and for dogs over 55 pounds here.

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