Interceptor for Dogs and Cats

Interceptor is a medication for pets that is made to get rid of worms of various kinds. It's primarily used as a preventative for heartworm in cats and in dogs, but it also kills a variety of other worms such as hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms, although it is not effective against some of them.

Interceptor relies on mylbemicin oxime, which is a drug that damages the nerves of worms, eventually killing them. It also kills off the microfilia of the worms, which are little larva that are swimming around in the bloodstream of the dog or cat, waiting to develop into adult worms.


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Are there any side effects?

It's generally safe, but you should watch out for an adverse or allergic reaction, because some have been reported. Some owners have reported seeing seizures in their pets, but this has not really been confirmed yet. You should also watch out for the pet going into shock, which has happened with some pets, and they needed to be hospitalized for a few days. Overall these are very rare, but you should be aware of them and make sure you are watching the pet just in case.

Is Interceptor dangerous to collies?

There have been some suggestions that heartworm medicines are dangerous to collies, and that they should only take an older medicine based on diethylcarbamazine. There's some truth in this, because collies are less able than other dog breeds to tolerate extremely high doses of mylbemicin, used in Interceptor, or ivermectin, used in Heartgard and some other heartworm medicines. However, the doses in either of these medicines are well within the safe levels for all dogs. You can read some commentary on this by a vet here.

Where can I buy it?

12-MONTH Interceptor Brown (Dogs 2-10 lbs)

12-MONTH Interceptor Green (Dogs 11-25 lbs & Cats 1.5-6 lbs)

12 MON. Interceptor Yellow (Dogs 26-50lbs & Cats 6.1-12lbs)

12 MON. Interceptor White (Dogs 51-100lbs & Cats 12.1-25lbs)

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