Goodwinol Ointment

Goodwinol ointment is a topical cream that is used to treat various kinds of mites that cause mange in dogs. It's specifically used against demodectic mange, which is a kind caused by a certain species of mites. It is a fairly old product and has stood the test of time, and it uses a chemical called retenone which kills the mites. You can view the official web site here, which doesn't have that much information but has contact information if you still have more questions.


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Can I use the ointment in cats?

No, it is not approved for use in cats. However, remember that the OINTMENT is something different from the SHAMPOO. You cannot use the ointment on cats, because it has a chemical toxic to them in it - but they do make some products that you can use on them.

Are there any side effects to it in dogs?

There is such a thing as an overdose. You are only supposed to use it on limited parts of the dog where the mange is, and if you cover the dog in it you will be overusing it. You might see drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea in that case, possibly followed by more serious symptoms. If any of that happens, take the dog to the vet. It is also possible for a dog to be allergic to it.

Where can I buy Goodwinol Ointment?

Goodwinol Ointment (1 oz)

Goodwinol Ointment (1 oz)

An ointment for the treatment of demodectic and follicular mange (demodex) in dogs. Contains benzocaine, rotenone, and lanolin.

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