Glyco-flex Arthritis Medicine for Dogs

Glyco-flex is a canine nutritional supplement that is designed to deal with arthritis in dogs naturally. It's basically a chewable tablet that contains a number of nutrients that are known to help with joint problems and arthritis. The most prominent (and well-tested) of these is glucosamine, but it's also got MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, which also has a lot of support in terms of improving joint problems, as well as general nutrients such as Vitamin C and E.


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How does it work?

The main ingredient that has been shown to actually help dogs with arthritis is glucosamine. This is a natural molecule that plays an important role in the health of bone cartilage. Glucosamine is a sugar, and it helps the body form and repair cartilage. The idea is to help your pet naturally make its joints more healthy and less painful to move by supplementing the molecules the body uses to repair its joints. This works out very well with a large chunk of dogs - however, many dogs will also show no improvement. If there's no improvement within a month or so, you should consider using drugs instead. They're more expensive and have some risk of side effects, they generally help more dogs than natural arthritis supplements like Glyco-flex do. That's not to knock this product - supplements are great for the dogs they help and are a much better option if your dog is one of those.

Are there side effects to it?

No - sometimes dogs get basic indigestion from the pills, but that is it. It mainly consists of stuff that is in the pet's body anyway, or stuff that is from foods dogs can eat. The only thing I have heard of is that some humans with seafood allergies have reactions to glucosamine (because it is harvested from shellfish), but I have not heard of it happening in a dog.

What is the difference between Glyco-flex I, II, and III?

Glyco-flex uses a numbering system, and the 1, 2, and 3 is part of the "stage" at which you should apply it to the dog. Stage I, is the "reinforcement" stage. This is for dogs that have already used it for awhile and need it to keep from going back to arthritis problems. Stage II, is the "rebuild" stage for dogs with moderate arthritis or dogs who are going down from stage 3. Stage III, is the "restore" stage. This is for dogs who haven't used a supplement yet or have serious problems with arthritis.

Basically, you start with the highest stage, Stage III, and move down to the less expensive stuff once your dog has had a pretty good dose. The idea is that once your dog has restored a lot of its damaged cartilage, you don't need the full amount of nutrients anymore, you just need to keep the dog where it is.

Where can I get it for my dog?

You can get Glyco-flex III, the initial "restore" stage which is the first one your dog should use, online here:

You can get Glyco-flex II, the next step for "rebuilding", online here:

You can get Glyco-flex I, the lowest level, for "reinforcement," online here:

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