How do I deal with flea bites all over my children?

This question came in from Kraze:

"Hello. We had a flea infestation due to my roomate not taking care of her cats flea problem. They roomate and her cats are gone now and we have almost gotten rid of all the fleas. What I was wondering is about my son's flea bites. He literally had hundreds on him. The fleas seem to be attracted to him. My husband and I maybe have like ten on us. I have researched this over and over and noone really tells you much about the flea bite on humans. I wanted to know if it could make my son sick. He is only a year old. He seems to be in a bad mood constantly. I figure it's because of the itching. I have bought lotion for this and it is helping but I needed to know about the healing process. How long will it take for the marks to go away? Are they going to scar? They will go away right? Is there anything I can do to make them go away. It looks like he has chicken pox and some of the other mothers won't let their babiues play with him. Also, it looks as if he is mistreated. LIke we don't care about it and we haven't been trying to fix the problem. He seriously has hundreds of bites. I love my son to death and I don't want people to think we don't take care of him. I have tried everything everyone has told me and anything I can think of and still he has all these bites. I am at the end of my rope. Like I said before we have almost fixed the problem with the fleas. when my roomate moved out her room was infested and it also infested our living room. We would walk in and be covered with 20 to 30 fleas in a matter of seconds. Now, we only find fleas in her room and it usually only thre all day. I know they spread really quickly and I don't know what to do any more. I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me back and help a very stressed mother. Thank you."


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My response:

"As far as flea bites making people sick, the only thing I have seen is something called flea allergy dermatitis, which is a minor skin condition (but it can be very irritating to people). You can read what a doctor has to say about it here:

Basically it goes away about 5 days after the bites stop. The bites generally take a week or so to heal. I'm not sure about scarring - I've been through several flea infestations with no scars from any bites, but if they get infected it could happen. There isn't anything you can do to make them go away earlier.

But one thing I would suggest if that you might want to check around his room for a flea infestation there. If he's getting hundreds of bites and you're not getting any, they might be in your son's bedding or his clothes. If a female flea got on him, they would be laying eggs in his bed or crib, and the infestation could be there. I would wash everything he has twice (heat from drying can cause any leftover eggs to hatch, so you want to do it again to make sure you get the larva). Vacuum floors in his room, etc., and you might put some flea traps out in his room as well. They're not going to get rid of them entirely, but they'll draw fleas away from him by putting another source of heat in the room at night."

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