How to Find A Lost Cat

Losing a cat is emotionally extremely painful and distressing. You shouldn't give up hope, however. I know from personal experience you can end up with both a bad and good result out of that. I've had a cat go missing and never come back, and a cat gone for over a week who found his way home on his own. The key is not to panic and to get started on a plan to find your cat.


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First, get flyers with a picture of your cat and post them around your neighborhood. You should go out pretty far in terms of distance - you don't just want them in the immediate area, you want them anywhere the cat could have wandered to. If you don't have a picture of your cat, go use Google's image search option. Put descriptive terms in there such as "orange tabby cat" or "black striped cat" or whatever. Find one that is similar to your cat, and put a note on the sign that it's not exact. Make sure your cell number and address are on the flier.

Second, call all the local shelters and vets and ask them to be on the lookout. Make sure you hit any that are within a few miles of you. Use your yellowpages or's yellowpages to find them.

Third, put a classified ad in the newspaper. Begin reading the classifieds every day - they usually let people post that they've found pets for free. Go check - it's a giant, free online classified service. Often people will report missing pets or post if they've found one.

Fourth, look for any places the cat could have been caught in. Sometimes the cat hasn't wandered off, it's trapped somewhere in your house, garage, or neighbor's yard. Always go talk to all your neighbors if you've lost a pet - they can be on the lookout for you.

Fifth, go walking around the neighborhood, and call for the cat. Make sure you cover any back alleys, etc. that a cat could have gone down.

Sixth, take advantage of the people in your neighborhood. Are there kids there? Go talk to them. Kids run around all over the place - offer a reward if they happen to see the cat. More eyes means more chance of finding the cat. Are there people that jog in your neighborhood everyday? It might be a good idea to get up early and see. Just hang out and if anyone runs by, ask them to be on the lookout. People that walk their dogs? Again, more eyes, more people, taking more routes. That means a bigger chance of someone running across your cat.

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