Ecology Works Dustmite and Flea Control

"Dustmite and Flea Control" is a product made by a company called Ecology Works. It's a boric acid-based product that you dust into your carpet and then vacuum up. (read more about boric acid used to kill fleas). Boric acid is a natural chemical that kills insects of all kinds by hurting their nervous systems. The advantage to getting it in a pre-packaged form is that it's diluted to a safe level already. You do have to mix it in with water to get it diluted even further, though. It can be toxic to people if you just buy it directly and stick it on your carpet - getting a premade product like this one keeps you from having to mess around with that.


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You can use this on your furniture and your bed, too, but you should be careful and test out a small part first to make sure it doesn't stain.

Where can I buy it?

You can get it online here:

DustMite & Flea Control (8oz)

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