Duralactin is a nutritional supplement designed for cats with arthritis and dogs who have it. It's made from a "milk-based ingredient" from New Zealand cows. This sounded pretty flaky to me at first, but apparently there are vets recommending it and there is at least one study suggesting that it actually works. It's not that far-fetched, because nutritional supplements have been shown to improve the arthritis of some dogs and cats dramatically - it just sounds like a New Age remedy.


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I dug a little deeper into it and found out that it is based around a patented protein called MicroLactin. This was developed based on cows that are hyperimmunized, which means they have boosted immune systems. The MicroLactin stops part of the process of inflammation that often causes arthritis, so it can help minimize the pain.

Are there any side effects to Duralactin?

It's basically milk, or at least a concentration of something in milk - so the only side effects I've seen are people reporting that lactose intolerant pets vomit or get diarrhea. If you want to save yourself some money, you might "try before you buy" by feeding your dog or cat some milk just to see whether they are lactose intolerant.

Where can I get Duralactin?

For dogs, you can get the canine version online here:

For cats, you can get the feline one online here:


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