What is the treatment for dog mange?

The treatment for mange depends on what kind your dog has: sarcoptic mange or demodectic mange. These are two different kinds of disease - they're similar, but they're caused by a different kind of mite and they need different remedies. You will need to get the vet to identify which kind of mite your dog has to determine a treatment.


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Demodectic mange, the most common kind, usually doesn't need as serious treatment. While it will clear up on its own in most dogs within a year or so, treatment will speed up the process and is strongly recommended. Treatment is through the application of insecticide dips that kill off the mites, allowing your dog to heal and keeping the population under control to a level where your dog's immune system can deal with it.

Sarcoptic mange, or scabies, will take a little bit more serious treatment in most cases. Usually, you will need to go back to your vet for several weeks for a series of injections. Mainly, this is because the sarcoptic mange mites live under the skin, and are harder to get at. Demodectic mange mites live in the hair follicles and can be treated with external products more easily.

In either case, you will likely have to get the treatment products from your vet.

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