How do I stop my dog from jumping the fence?

The first and obvious thing you can do is fortify the fence to make it higher. You don't have to redo the whole thing, but if you add on an extension of a couple of feet, in most cases it will be too high for the dog to jump. But a lot of people won't want to do that for aesthetic reasons.

A second option is to get an invisible fence installed. This will work for many dogs, and even if you decide to get rid of it later, if you line it just inside the fence perimeter it will teach the dog not to go near the actual fence.


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Third, you can try training. This mainly consists of punishing the dog immediately after it jumps over the fence. You can't wait until the dog escapes, get it back, and then punish it - their memories don't go back that far and they won't know what you're punishing them for. Usually this kind of training consists of "rigging" the escape. An accomplice goes outside the fence to create an attraction for the dog to jump over and escape. When the dog approaches the fence, you use a water hose to spray it (or some other similar punishment and scolding that it won't like). Do it when the dog approaches the fence, don't wait for it to actually get over it.

Fourth, you could get a dog tie out and let the dog stay in the yard without being completely free to move around.

Fifth, exercising your dog more frequently can eliminate the desire to escape. The same thing goes for neutering, as many dogs attempt to escape looking for a mate. Eliminating the underlying cause for escapes is often the most effective way to deal with it.

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