What's a good diet cat food to help my pet's weight issues?

There are a number of different brands of cat food that you can use to try to help make sure your pet is eating both nutritional food and food that will help them keep off the pounds. Ultimately it's about how much your pet eats and how much exercise it gets, but it helps to have food that will be both filling and healthy.


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Hills Science Diet Cat Food is $25.99 and is available online here.

You can get a 20 pound bag of this online for pretty cheap there, and it's designed as a general brand to promote your cat's health. The idea is to make sure the cat has all the necessary nutrients to help them age properly. It's not specifically designed for weight loss, but it is a "health" diet that will be better for your cat than a lot of the store brands. If you want to use this for dieting, you will probably need to figure out portions.


This is sort of a weird product I came across - gourmet cat food designed to taste like pasta. It's supposed to be 100% vegetarian, but you can feed it to them with meat as well to supplement it. The idea behind it is to increase the life expectancy of the cat by managing the nutrition. They claim to improve the life span by 30% to 70%, but I'm a little skeptical about whether that works personally - cats aren't natural vegetarians. If you really want to pamper your pet though, or if you are a hard-core vegetarian who doesn't want Fluffy to kill anything either, you can get a bag online here for $64.70.


You could also go with specialized food for your older cats that is designed to keep them healthy. They also claim pretty dramatic results, with cats acting younger and being more energetic. That's a little more believable to me - diet can make a big difference in your energy levels even as a human. If you've got an older cat, this is a way to help reduce the pounds - getting them to run around more means more calories burnt and less weight. You can get this online here for $8.99 for a 3.5 pound bag.

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