Deramaxx is a pain medication made by Novartis that is being marketed as a way to deal with canine arthritis. It has been used for short term pain relief as well, but for long term use it is mainly used with osteoarthritis, a form of arthritis where the dog's cartilage is being damaged. It is a brand-name form of a medication called deracoxib. It doesn't really treat the cause of the arthritis, but it does make it much less painful for the dog to move around. That can improve the life of a dog that otherwise might not be able to live an active life anymore.


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Are there any side effects?

Yes. Generally it is a safe medication, but there are some dogs that have sensitivities to it or allergies. Also, it can interact badly with either other drugs if you are using them at the same time or prior conditions that the dog has had. Do not give Deramaxx to your dog if it's using aspirin, any steroids that are variations of cortisone, or if it's had heart, liver, or kidney disease.

The side effects that are sometimes seen are vomiting, anorexia, digestive problems such as diarrhea, changes in appetite and thirst, or sudden changes in behavior such as lethargy or depression. You can read an article on the rate of side effects here. The big point: you need to be very careful about following the instructions in applying it and you need to watch closely for any signs that the dog is having a bad reaction. Be aware that it can have side effects, and while it's a small percentage of dogs that get them, this does not mean you can ignore the risk. It might be a good idea to try other methods first such as nutritional supplements, just to see if they improve the dog's health enough that you don't need a drug. Finally, work closely with your vet and make sure they know what they're doing.

Can it be used on cats?

No, it has not been tested on cats or approved for use on them, so no.

Where can I buy it?

You can get it here:

Deramaxx 25mg (90 tablets) CHEWABLE

Deramaxx 100mg (60 tablets) CHEWABLE

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