Why has my cat lost its balance?

If a cat begins to repeatedly lose its balance and starts acting very clumsy, the cat may be ill. One of the more  likely culprits is a feline ear infection, which can affect the inner ear, a key part of balance. Sometimes recent physical injuries can cause loss of balance as well - look over your cat for any signs of this. Physical trauma to the brain can damage the cat's ability to balance. It could also be a more serious disease that is actually causing temporary fainting and not true imbalance - you should definitely take the cat to the vet if you see this repeatedly and it doesn't look like a one-time stumble.


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Finally, you might check for physical injury to the tail as well. A broken tail in cats can cause problems specifically with the back legs, and the cat may lose some coordination in its rear. This can make the owner confused as to why the cat is acting that way, because it's not always obvious when there's a break.

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