Why do cats like people who don't like cats?

This is a phenomenon that people notice all the time. Cats seem like they're just jerks - they almost seem able to sense who the person in the room who is allergic to cats or who doesn't like cats, and they will go up to them and start rubbing against them. Why do they do this?


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It's because people who don't like cats are behaving differently from the people who do. A person who doesn't want attention from the cat won't be making noises and will often completely ignore the cat. Cats can pick up on this. They're not going up to that person to try to get back at them for not liking cats - they're going there because the person is ignoring them and does not seem like they are going to bother the cat. This is part of "cat psychology." In the animal kingdom, staring at another animal or moving toward them is aggressive behavior that indicates a threat. Avoiding eye contact is submissive behavior that indicates you aren't going to attack the animal. People who dislike them will generally try to avoid or ignore them - which to the cat is a sign that the stranger is not dangerous and a potential friend.

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