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Cat Lax is a feline laxative that is designed to deal with both feline constipation in general and with hairballs, which Cat Lax will cause to be passed instead of clumping up and being coughed up later on. Most cats like the taste, but even if they don't at first you can usually accustom them to it by putting some on their paw - they'll be forced to lick it off and gradually get used to it. Some even run up and want it like it's a treat. If the cat already has problems or a hairball, you give it to them once a day - if you're just using it for prevention, once or twice a week.


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Are there any side effects?

It's made mainly of cod liver oil and other natural stuff, and the places that sell it state that there are no reported side effects. I looked all over trying to find anyone claiming some had happened and couldn't, so it is likely this is true. It's also sold over the counter, which supports that idea as well. I wouldn't go beyond the recommended doses though, just because you will be messing with the cat's digestion and making it too runny.

Where can I get it?

You can buy it online here for a couple of bucks:

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