What is cat blogging?

This is a technological version of the tendency to humanize your pets. Basically, people write blogs from the perspective of the cat. It's just sort of a fun way to get to know your pet and give your blog a unique voice. Many people trace the beginnings to Friday Cat Blogging, now covered each week in the Carnival of the Cats, which is an ongoing blog phenomenon where people post each Friday on their own blogs with pictures of their cat. Of course, my cat, Harriet, had a few to recommend:

Harriet, being behind on the tech curve and busy writing a treatise on running in terror from loud noises, does not have a blog. "Feline Fear: It May Just Be The Air Conditioner, But Why Risk It?" is forthcoming November 2006.


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I originally went through and found a couple of blogs that looked interesting, but since then I've received several suggestions of cat blogs from some of the authors of those blogs, so here is a list of the ones I liked / were recommended to me:

BloggingCat is a group blog for a family of cats, including  Prince Muddy Paws, Mystic Angel Paws, Dandelion, Lucky, and Rocky. The cats also have a family page at Bamacats.Com. The cats don't all live together, but they've got a daily picture of what they were doing - a nice way to hold onto memories of your pet. Recommended by Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat.

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat - This one has both videos and pictures of two cats in Wisconsin. Recommended by Fat Eric.

Calico Girls - This is a blog by a couple of calico cats and their newest family member, a non-calico named Precious Flower who was rescued from bad shape after a pregnancy. They're also friends with a feral cat named Mistrie, who sticks to the outdoors except for occasional ventures into cyberspace. Recommended by Fat Eric.

Cat Banter - This is a blog by Kimo, a Siamese who likes laying around and Reality TV (they go well together), and Sabi, a more energetic shorthair who supplements napping with running around. Harriet, who recently convinced me she had escaped past a delivery guy by disappearing for hours into a tiny crawl space behind the shelves of a wardrobe, will give them some tips on hiding.

Cat Welfare Society Blogs - This is sort of the Humane Society counterpart in Singapore, where they've got a big stray cat problem. There are several bloggers including 5 Cat Style and the Flyer, Animal Family, and Catdonna's Cats. The blogs each have lots of pictures of various cats and information on the Cat Welfare Society's efforts to find homes for the strays and spay/neuter cats. Recommended by Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat.

ChatCatChats - A hard to pronounce blog, by a Siamese cat named Chatham in Pennsylvania. Don't let him know, but he's mistaken his owner for a couch. It's a common error among felines.

Diva Kitty and the Fluffies - This is a group blog dominated by rabbits and cats, who seem to get along pretty well. It's got several good posts highlighted about rabbits if you've got one as a pet.

Fat Eric and Friends - He's 21 pounds, he's British, he likes licking human hair, and he enjoys laying around. Other, fatter cats seem to e-mail him a lot trying to compete in weigh-ins and the like.

Gatubelas - A blog from Spain recommended by Chatham, in both Spanish and English. Sadly Luna, the cat the blog is about, was let out by a vet and may be lost.

Gigolo Kitty - A cat from New York City who is very tolerant of having stuff put onto him. I thought this blog had a neat twist in that it turns the cat into a comic strip character.

House of the (Mostly) Black Cats - It is what it says - a blog of a family of cats who are all either black or black with a little bit of white on them. It's updated regularly with picture intensive posts of the cat's activities, like opening mail and having a birthday party. Recommended by Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat.

Meezer Tails - A blog by Sammy and Miles, two Siamese cats. They blog quite a bit about ham. Both enjoy staring outside windows (Harriet concurs that this is an important activity. My current apartment was extended with a renovation and has an interior window opening into one of the other rooms, which she diligently watches for any sign of birds).

Memoirs of a Feline Empress in Exile - A blog by Kukka-Maria, feline royalty who travels around the world, dumps tampons around the house, and goes on Oprah. This blog was recommended by both Gigolo Kitty and Fat Eric.

Psychokitty Max - This is a cat that doesn't just blog, he's written multiple books. He's also organizing another anthology book with stories, poems, and essays by other catbloggers. His energetic comrade, Buddah, also has a blog. Recommended by Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat.

Skeezix's Scratching Post - A small cat with giant ears who lives with the "Food Lady" and who spends his spare time licking faces.

The Zeus Excuse - A blog from the perspective of Zeus, a cat in Houston whose interests include tearing stuff up, harassing his feline sister Isis, and generally being baffled about people.

Finally, there is the Cat Blogosphere, which is a blog containing links to pretty much every cat blog out there, period. It also keeps up on the news and goings-on of the various cats on the Internet.

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