Why does my cat have bald spots?

Cats can get them for a number of different reasons. First, cats can go bald just like people can. This is a hormonal problem, but it is not dangerous to your cat. It is a problem called feline endocrine alopecia. This is likely if the spots look symmetrical. However, there are other causes. If the fur is coming out in random patches, it is likely that the cat is pulling it out for some reason. Cats with obsessive compulsive disorder can bite at their fur until they pull lots of it out. If your cat starts pulling out its fur, it can also be because of other problems such as fleas, ringworm infestations, skin conditions, ear mites, mange, or other parasites. Those pages will give you more information on the specific disorders that can cause baldness.


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As a general rule, you will want to get your cat looked at. Some of these are not serious problems, but others can be - so you should have it checked out to be sure.

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