Why does my cat have bad breath?

First, it might just be the cat food you're feeding them. This can cause a big difference in the smell of their breath, so your first option should be changing the food you're feeding them. But there could be more serious problems. One of the big causes of breath problems in cats is gingivitis - bacteria in your cats mouth that result in serious gum and tooth problems.


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So what do you do about it? First, get some dental chew biscuits. These are just little treats your cat will chew on that clean their teeth and kill some of the bacteria. It's often the easiest way because you don't have to fight your cat to get them to get their teeth clean. You may have to go through your vet though to get them, because some of the better ones aren't sold generally. You can get some decent ones online though:

You can buy these dental chews online here for about $20 for a hundred.

The other option: You can get some oral gels that you rub on your cat's teeth with a q-tip. It's a harder option if your cat tries to resist (and with most cats, if they don't want something, they will put up a fight). If your cat is more docile, it can be a lot better. It's really not that much different from toothpaste, but you can get a number of products along this vein:

You can buy this online here.

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