Can I use tranquilizers to calm my cat down on the plane?

It is generally not a good idea, and DEFINITELY a bad idea if your cat is going to be in the baggage compartment. Most deaths of animals on airplanes are because they have been sedated somehow. The reason for this is that the tranquilizers have a much greater effect in the air than they do on the ground.


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 Just think about what happens when a person drinks alcohol on a plane - they get drunk much easier, because the body makes a number of changes in response to the altitude. These same changes happen to cats - and they are even worse in the baggage compartment, which is not pressurized as well. The tranquilizers that were just fine for your cat on the ground suddenly become much more effective - often killing the cat. The effect is not as bad in the passenger area, but you generally should not sedate your cat on an airplane trip if at all possible.

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