Boric Acid - Does it kill fleas?

This is a powder that is commonly used as a household chemical, and has been used by people for several thousand years. A lot of people recommend using it to kill off flea infestations. It works as a natural insecticide, killing off fleas as well as other bugs because it does damage to their nervous systems. Basically, you sprinkle a powder around your carpet, let it get down in there, and then vacuum it up after a week. It kills off the fleas as well as the eggs and larva. It's probably best to buy a version that is specifically designed for fleas, because it's pretty cheap and guarantees you won't use too high a concentration.


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Is it safe?

If you use pre-made powers it is definitely safe.  The the danger of making it yourself is that you will use too much - usually people recommend that you dilute it with other powders. Basically, it is non-toxic in small concentrations - but like virtually anything, too much of it can hurt you. That's why unless you know what you're doing, I'm not sure it's a good idea to try to do it yourself.

Here's a pretty cheap one, $14 or so - you can get it here online:

Another brand to look at is Dustmite and Flea Control.

Does it work to kill fleas?

I'm not sure that this is the best option. Flea medicines usually work much better. This powder definitely won't work alone - you need something to kill the fleas that are living on your pet, and direct exposure isn't a good idea. But a flea dip can supplement it to kill a good chunk of them. Also make sure to wash any bedding or places the pet sleeps. This might be a good option, though, if you are one of those people who have fleas but don't have pets (it happens more often than you'd think).

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