Baytril for Dogs and Cats

This is an antibiotic that is used against certain kinds of bacterial infections in pets, but also in all kinds of different livestock. It is a flouroquinalone, which is a kind of antibiotic that interferes with the DNA of bacteria and causes them to die. It is used against a pretty broad array of different infections - infections of wounds, lung or respiratory infections, and several others. One of the more common one is skin infections, which can cause symptoms very similar to allergies.


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Does it have any side effects?

Yes. Overall it is pretty safe, but it sometimes causes diarrhea or liquid stool in animals. In very rare cases, it causes seizures or weird behavior changes. Some animals are allergic to it, and they may have a bad reaction. There are also some stomach medications which can cause a bad reaction if you mix them with this drug. You should be very cautious about giving it to younger animals, because it can cause joint problems. Also, with cats specifically, there is a very rare side effect of blindness caused by the injected form of it (this may be caused by overdosing). The official website has a lot more details (including explanation of studies) here, but it's a little more technical oriented.

Has it been banned?

Yes, but only for use in chicken and turkeys. The reason was not because of any problems it was causing, but because of a fear that overusing it in animals would lead to microbes resistant to antibiotics, which could then hurt humans.

What is Baytril Otic?

Otic is a variant that is designed specifically to deal with ear infections. It combines the drug along with an antifungal medication. While on its own it doesn't really do anything against fungal infections, the combination in the Otic version is pretty effective against most causes of ear infections.

Where can I buy the regular version?

Baytril 136 mg (per tablet)

Baytril 136 mg (per tablet)

A prescription is required for this product. Click here for details

Baytril 68 mg (per tablet)

Baytril 22.7 mg (per tablet)

Where can I buy the ear infection version?

Baytril Otic. Drop 30ML

Baytril Otic. Drop 30ML

A prescription is required for this product. Click here for details

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