Arthramine for Dogs

This is a supplement used to fight arthritis in dogs. They don't have a product made specifically for arthritis in cats, and I haven't seen anything suggesting that you can use it on them, so I would go with something else for them. Cosequin DS is one of the name-brand supplements you can use on both cats and dogs. The basic idea is to add the "building blocks" of joints to the pet's body so that it has more raw materials to work with. Often the problem that causes arthritis is that cartilage, the cushion for your pet's joints, isn't being repaired well enough. The goal is to help the pet's body out in conducting these repairs. It comes in chewable tablets or capsule form.


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How does it work?

Primarily it relies on glucosamine, a molecule that is used in many nutritional supplements geared at reducing arthritis in both pets and people. It's got several others as well, but glucosamine is the only one that has been proven to cause improvements in arthritis in many cases. These natural molecules that are found in both pets and people do not have the risk of side effects that an actual arthritis drug does, but they are not effective in all pets.  Glucosamine is a sugar, and it helps the body form and repair cartilage.  It is used in many arthritis medicines for people as well.

It also has bromelain, manganese, Vitamin C, and some other compounds. These are things that will help out your pet's health in general, which may have an effect on the arthritis, but they haven't been proven to directly do anything.

Are there side effects?

Generally no - your pet could get some basic indigestion or it could dislike the taste, but that's it. The stuff in arthritis supplements naturally occurs in your cat or dog anyway, and it doesn't hurt to put more into them.

Where can I get it?

You can get it for small and medium dogs online here:

For large dogs, they've got a higher dosage that you can get online here:

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