It is a urine acidifier used in both dogs and cats. The main reason why your vet would prescribe it is for cat bladder stones or dog bladder stones. The basic idea is that by making your pet's urine more acidic, it will break down the minerals that form bladder stones more easily and keep them from ever clumping together in the first place. It is based on L-Methionine, which is an amino acid that the body usually gets from its food. One important note is that it will not work on all kinds of bladder stones, which is why you should only use it under directions from a vet.


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Are there any side effects?

With cats, you need to be more careful because sometimes it can induce feline anemia. Also, your vet should know the full history of your cat or dog's medical background, because there are some prior diseases where it would be inadvisable to give this drug to the pet. Liver problems and pancreas problems are prior diseases where it is probably not a good idea to give this to your pet.

Also, your vet will need to be monitoring the acidity levels of your pet's urine, so make sure to take it in regularly for testing as required by the vet.

Where can I buy it?

Ammonil 500 mg (1000 tablets)

Ammonil 500 mg (1000 tablets)

Ammonil (DL-Methionine Tablets) 500 MG by Daniels Pharmaceuticals Indication: For use as a urinary acidifier in dogs and cats. Each tablet contains: DL-Methionine ........ 500 mg Dosage Cats: The suggested dose of Ammonil Tablet 500 mg for adult cats is 1 tablet per 10 lb of body weight 3 to 4 times daily with food. Not intended for kittens. Dosage Dogs: For dogs one tablet per 10 lbs body weight once or twice daily with food. Dosage should be adjusted to maintain urine pH consistently below 6.6 A prescription is required for this product. Click here for details

Ammonil 200 mg (1000 tablets)

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