Amforal for Dogs

Amforal is a medication that is used in dogs to treat bacterial enteritis, which basically means a number of bacterial infections that irritate the bowels of the dog and cause diarrhea in dogs. You give it to the dog orally, either in a tablet form or as a liquid. It's effective at killing E. coli, salmonella, and several other common bacteria that can cause diarrhea. Your vet will need to diagnose the dog to use this, as they have to make sure exactly what kind of bacteria is causing the digestive problems.


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Are there any side effects?

Yes. One harmless one is that the stool and the tongue of the dog may start to look darker. Some serious symptoms that you should watch out for are lethargy, uncontrollable twitching or convulsing, and comas. You are not supposed to use it for any longer than five days, and if you go for more than that you will risk overexposure which can cause some of these symptoms.

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