Acarexx for Cats

This is an cat ear mite medicine that many vets prescribe. It is effective about 90-95% of the time in killing off ear mites, and you use it for about a week. You can use it in kittens as well, as long as they are over four weeks old. You apply it once, and then if your vet recommends it after your checkup you apply it again a week later.


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How does it work?

It uses a small concentration of an insecticide called Ivermectin. It kills a lot of different insect parasites, including ear mites.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, side effects have been observed to be increased pain in the outer ears and vomiting. These are pretty rare, however, as it has a dose of Ivermectin that is well within what are considered to be safe limits by the FDA. You also should watch for any allergic reaction to it, which can happen sometimes. One note, however - even though it is a liquid, DO NOT feed it to your cat orally. This is not meant to be drunk by the cat, it's meant to be applied directly to the ears. You may well cause bad side effects if you try to have the cat drink it.

Can I use it on dogs?

That is probably not a good idea. It has not been tested or studied on dogs. The company that makes it recommends against doing it here.

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